Knickerbocker Bar and Grill, East Village

Every now and then Matt and I get to go out to a place that’s really exquisite.  Usually the 5 star places are saved for a special occasion like an anniversary or a Broadway show.  Matt’s birthday is coming up tomorrow though, so on Saturday night our good friends treated us to an amazing dinner to celebrate both his birthday and Canadian Thanksgiving at Knickerbocker Bar and Grill, in the East Village.  

This place was really lovely.  The atmosphere was sophisticated and charming, and we were seated next to a live band playing a cello and piano.  The waitress was really sweet and was able to perfectly recite a 5 minute long list of specials, all of which sounded delicious.  The signature dish of the restaurant is their T-bone steak served with creamed spinach and a potato.  And you can get it for either one or two people.  And sweet Jesus that T-bone for two is extreme; it literally looks like half a whole cow is on your plate.

For starters Matt and I of course got a half dozen oysters, 3 west coast and 3 east coast from Viriginia.  These were GOOD.  Like the best oysters I’ve had in a while.  The west coast oysters were larger and plumper but both kinds were super briny, salty, and slightly sweet.  Mmm I could go for a few of those now.  The lobster bisque and lentil soup were also ordered, and I tried a taste of the lobster bisque and it was just as good.  And it came with half a lobster tail perched right on top!  Holy guacamole!


I could NOT decide what to order for my entree.  I seriously sat there and debated between the salmon, scallops, and tuna for like forever.  How can someone decide between those three things??  They’re all just too good!  But eventually I settled on the Japanese Spice Crusted Tuna, because a good tuna dish is harder to find on menus.  I HATE when tuna is overcooked, and tuna is basically overcooked if you cook it more than medium-rare.  It’s gets wayy too dryyy and gross.  So I gave this tuna a shot and I was not disappointed.  And I of course ordered it rare.



Look at that color!  Honestly this fish was cooked to perfection.  And that’s a sesame crust on the edges.  Usually I’m not a huge sesame fan but it worked really well with the flavor profile.  It was served with a soy wasabi orange glaze, which was pretty sweet, and sushi rice which sopped up a lot of the sweet sauce.  It doesn’t look like it’d be super filling but I had a hard time finishing the whole thing!

Matt shared the T-bone for two with another meat-lover at the table, and it looked good even for a pescetarian.  I admit, I had a bite, but only because I wanted to write about it!  So yeah, it was good.  Real good.  They got it medium-rare, which is perfect, and the hearty juices were just swirling around and it was so salty and meaty!  …But I of course hated it and would never order it because I’m a good pescetarian, I swear!  And his mashed potatoes and the creamed spinach really just topped off the yumminess.


By the end of the meal, I was STUFFED.  But very pleasantly stuffed.  AND THEN, the table ordered desert!  And guys I seriously can’t explain how good this desert was.  We ordered two chocolate chip cookie skillets with ice cream and a chocolate soufflé.  And honestly I think the cookie was my favorite part of the meal.  It was basically sugar and butter and chocolate.  And ice cream.  Ahhh.



Are you jealous?  Well don’t be because I probably gained 5 pounds.  But if I did, it was worth it and I’d do it again.  Honestly what could have been a better meal?  Delicious oysters, a delicious meal, and a delicious desert.  That’s perfection.  I’d give this place 5/5 stars.  My first 5 star review!  Definitely go to this place if you’re looking for a romantic night out or a special occasion.  I’m sure you’ll love it just as much as I did.

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