Hofbräu Bierhaus, Midtown East

I can’t say when I last ate at a German restaurant.  And by German, I mean actually German.  Not a beer garden that serves pretzels (not that there’s anything wrong with that).  If I really had to think back the only thing I can remember is eating at the German Oktoberfest Bierhaus at Busch Gardens in Virginia.  Other than that I’m drawing a blank on my last German food foray. And now I’m kicking myself!  Because I just had bomb German food last night at Hofbräu Bierhaus in Midtown East last night and now I’m craving more!  Gimme!

A good German restaurant has been on Matt and my to-do-list for forever.  Mostly because Matt is German by heritage and he likes to have a reason to flash around his German tattoos 😀 And actually, Matt and I live just a few streets away from the “German” part of NYC.  Which means that it probably once was German but now it’s about 3 German restaurants all in a row on 2nd Avenue.  And we’ve been meaning to go to one of these in particular but whenever it’s time to decide on a place to eat we always forget about it and go get pizza or something.  But last night the time was right and we were both craving a big beer to keep our football buzz going and we stumbled upon it coming back from Jersey.

For a little background on our day, we went to Jersey.  YES, JERSEY.  Hoboken, to be exact.  And Hoboken is actually pretty cute and fun, but it’s a B**** to get to and back from the Upper East Side.  By the time we got there an hour and a half later we were ready to punch babies in the face.  But, when we got our beers at Texas Arizona in Hoboken we started feeling better, and Matt got all wound up with football.  It’s actually a pretty fun place; it’s your typical rowdy fun sports bar.  From there we went to a couple different places, all of which I wasn’t really impressed with.  They were just so, Jersey.  Like, girls dressed up in little outfits with full clubbing makeup going on… at 2 PM on a Sunday during football.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that!  Girl, do you!  But it’s just not the scene I’ve become accustomed to for a football Sunday.

One place was Little Town Social, which actually had the potential to be a really trendy restaurant.  Except, there was waaaayyyy to many different vibes going on.  For one, like I said, they seemed like they could be a trendy spot.  They had a cool interior and an interesting menu.  The reason why they weren’t was because they were trying to market themselves as a sports bar during football, which they weren’t, and they had this ridiculous girl walking around in a fake cheerleading costume, with a Little Person in a referee outfit following her around.  And people were taking pictures with them and stuff.  Not my type of vibe.  BUT at the same time they were bumping club music.  So they were a clubby sports bar gastro pub chic restaurant.  But I gave them a chance and ordered the ceviche tacos, and Matt ordered a Lobster BLT.  And it was just not good.  I was sad.    It was a soft tortilla but they grilled it to make it crispier (why, I have no idea — I friggin hate hard tacos!), but the liquid from the ceviche soaked through and the bottom fell out of the taco.  So I had to use the two sides of the taco pressed together to make a ceviche sandwich.  Booooo.  And I didn’t think it was possible, but similarly Matt’s Lobster BLT was sad.  Everything was just… wrong.  Here:

IMG_2602 IMG_2601

But regardless, we were having a good time.  And by the time we left Jersey at halftime of the second games, we both were pretty lushy.  I can proudly say that we took the train back!!!!  Do you know how rare that is for me to take a train after I’ve been drinking?  After one drink I’m obsessed with cabs.  But a cab from Hoboken to the Upper East Side is like $80.  So Matt and I made a promise beforehand that no matter how drunk we got we would NOT take a cab back, for chistssake.  And we did it!

So we got dumped out of the PATH drunk and somewhere in Midtown.  So we walked east, and we were STARVING so we began looking for a restaurant.  We stopped in a Muldoon’s Irish Pub with the hopes of getting some food, but when I tried to order food the super-intense-Irish bartender told me to not order it because all the food was “shyte!”  So we stuck with mozzarella sticks that also were supposedly “shyte”.  So after a beer we stumbled out into the seemingly foodless and cruel world and continued hunting.

That’s when we came across Hofbräu Bierhaus!  And the day was saved!  Matt had been there before so he suggested that we go on in.  And I’m so glad we did!  The atmosphere was intense Bavarian.  Community picnic tables lined up with decorative banners and the waitresses were wearing the bier maid lederhosen stuff!  I thought it was just adorable and I was obsessed with our waitress.  Of course, since it’s a German place, there was hardly anything vegetarian.  The waitress suggested a salad and I drunkenly looked at her like “does it look like I want a stupid salad??”  So I got their Haus Grilled Cheese, which would normally come with ham and bacon but I got that on the side for Matt.  What it did come with was cheddar cheese and sauerkraut.  MMMMM!!!  It was good!  The sauerkraut was phenomenal and complimented the cheese perfectly!  I also got a side of German potato salad, because I have a weakness for potato salad.  Lookie:



Ahhhh!  Who would ever think that German food would be the best drunchie food??  Now I will be thinking about it for the rest of my life.  It really hit the spot!  And to top it off it was served with waffle fries!  Matt got the Stuffed Schnitzel with ham, cheese and bacon.  And it looked awesome and oh-so-German.


Oh, and I can’t believe I almost forgot to mention the beer!  The beer was excellent, as could be assumed.  But serving it in a giant glass beer mug really added a nice touch to the whole Bavarian atmosphere.




Hahaha.  I’m literally cracking up right now about how drunk and happy Matt looks in those pictures 🙂  This place gets 4/5 stars!  It was a great Sunday night grub spot!  I’ll definitely go again and you should too!

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