Sojourn, Upper East Side

It feels like FOREVER since I got to get a good boozy brunch!  I feel like the past couple weekends we’ve always had something to do which has hindered our ability to sit down to a nice delicious brunch with unlimited alcohol.  And honestly brunch is my FAVORITE event of my week, so I would have gone crazy if I had to skip another one!  But thankfully we were both able to clear our schedules and get our brunch on before Matt’s football games became too attention-grabbing.  So I did a little bit of research beforehand and found out about Sojourn, on the Upper East Side.  So we scurried down there are were very pleasantly surprised.

Apparently Sojourn is known as an American tapas place, but for brunch it was much more classically American.  The brunch menu included the staples, like Eggs Benedict and French Toast.  But the real star of the show was their boozy brunch special; for $29 you could get a brunch item plus unlimited Bloody Mary’s, mimosas, or sangria.  And believe it or not that’s actually a pretty good deal in NYC.  It may not be the cheapest I’ve seen, but it’s certainly not the most expensive for unlimited brunch.  The only downside was that their boozy brunch entree menu was very limited and kind of boring.  There were Eggs Benedict and like parfaits and stuff.  Kinda basic.  So I asked the bartender if I could get a different entree that wasn’t on the boozy brunch menu for an upcharge, to which he said the upcharge for another entree would be $10.  Mehhhhh okay.  I was eyeing the lobster benedict so I was willing to splurge (actually, Matt was paying…. so Matt splurged… thanks Matt!!!!).

Matt’s one requirement for brunch was the restaurant having a TV so he could watch the early games.  And thank goodness, sure enough there was one TV.  So we decided to sit at the bar so he could watch.  We probably would have sat at the bar anyways; we like chatting with the bartender to get the inside scoop on the place.  And, the more bartenders that remember you, the more free stuff you get!  Yay!

So, when it came time to take our order, we both ordered two Bloody Mary’s, a lobster benedict, and Matt got the steak and eggs (medium-rare of course).  The Bloody Mary’s weren’t bad!  They were topped with big juicy olives (which I love) and lemon.  They could have been spicier, but then again we hadn’t asked for them to be spicy so no biggie.


When it comes to Bloody Mary’s, I can usually only have one.  Any more than that I start to get sick of them.  But the first one sure is delicious.  After my first I switch to mimosas because I could literally drink 1,000 of them.  As long as the champagne/orange juice ratio is appropriate.  Some unlimited brunch places try and skimp by basically filling your glass with orange juice and topping it off with champagne.  NO.  I hate that.  A proper mimosa should be filled up with champagne until there’s about an inch left until the rim, then topped off with orange juice.  The orange juice should basically add flavor and color.  They can’t get that sh** by me!!

When our entrees came they looked delish.  My first egg was cooked perfectly.  That’s another thing — I worked in a breakfast place for 6 years, so I know how a freaking egg should be cooked.  The white should NEVER be runny.  NEVER EVER EVER.  “But what if it’s sunny-side up?” you ask.  Nope, still no.  It should be kept on the grill until the white is completely solid, with only the yellow runny.  If the whites are still clear and runny it means it was cooked too fast, or they used too high of a temperature so the outside whites cooked before the inside whites.  The key to cooking eggs is slowly over a low heat, and you’ll get a perfect egg every time.

Anyways, rant over.  Poached egg #1 was perfect, with zero running whites.  I just got finished telling Matt that the eggs were cooked perfectly when I started on my second one.  The second was was slightly less perfect, and there was some clear runnyness.  It’s totally not a big deal but thinking about it kind of grossed me out a teensy bit.  See, with an eggs benedict, you only want the yoke and the hollandaise to be runny, because if the white is still runny then basically the whole dish is too runny and it starts feeling kind of gross in your mouth.  Only in recent months has this began to bother me; I swear I wasn’t always this weird.  But overall the eggs benedict was good.  The lobster pieces were nice and tender, and the greens were firm and crunchy.  The toasted English muffin was also tasty.



Matt’s steak was apparently really good.  It was cooked perfectly and he said it was very flavorful.  But Matt ordered the steak and eggs, and upon inspection it became clear that there were no eggs on his plate.  We were a little confused, and second-guessing ourselves if the menu actually said “eggs” on it.  So when the bartender came around Matt tentatively asked if there were supposed to be eggs with his dish.  The bartender apologized profusely and said yes, and asked if Matt wanted a side of eggs.  Matt turned it down because he said it totally wasn’t a big deal and he didn’t really need eggs, and the steak was good regardless.  The bartender apologized again, but its no biggie.  As a former waitress I totally understand that the kitchen can make the most mind-blowing mistakes ever imaginable, and it’s rarely ever having to do with anything that the server does.

Sidenote: when you’re at a restaurant and there’s a problem with your food or how it’s cooked, you’re still expected to tip appropriately.  You’re an asshole if you don’t.  The waiters aren’t the ones cooking your food.  Actually tip appropriately no matter what, and people will like you a lot more and you’ll have good karma coming your way.  This means 20% my friends.
FullSizeRender (1)

Anyways, brunch was very enjoyable.  The bartender was totally cool and conversational and kept topping our mimosas off long after we paid.  At the end of our meals he actually brought us a free desert as an apology for the egg-less steak and eggs. Awwwww.  And it was really good too, we got the flourless chocolate cake, and it literally melted in our mouths.

FullSizeRender (2)

FullSizeRender (3)

See, we liked it!  But soon enough it was time to go because Matt was getting antsy without all his football games.  This place gets 3.75/5 stars!  It was a pretty good brunch place!  I’m interested in coming back for dinner sometime.

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  1. Matthew says:

    You didn’t mention my Sangrias.. which I had about 10 of. Otherwise, good blog, and good food!


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