Mini Zucchini Pizzas

I’ve decided I’m going to start doing a #SnackSaturday blog post each week!  I’ve realized that I spend most of my cooking energy creating main courses, so on Saturdays when I have time I want to experiment with delicious and healthy snacks to munch on throughout the weekend!  These Mini Zucchini Pizzas came straight to mind; for one they satisfy that weekend pizza craving, and second they are another easy, delicious, and low-carb recipe that I don’t have to feel bad about!

Every weekend I crave pizza.  Scratch that, actually every day I crave pizza. I think I could honestly eat pizza for every meal for the rest of my life (with ranch, of course).  But waking up on Monday morning I immediately regret my weekend pizza decisions, so for my first #SnackSaturday I wanted to whip these up.  These are good if you’re putting a movie on and snuggling up on the couch, because the hot cheesiness makes you feel like you’re eating comfort food.  But you’re not.  Or pop them in the fridge and bring a few to lunch with you throughout the week.  They’re actually pretty filling!

I’m not going to post a traditional ingredient list and directions for this recipe.  It’s so simple and pretty much common sense how to put these bad boys together.  But I’ll give you the rundown of how to make them.

First slice however many zucchinis you want.  I sliced up two zucchinis.  You don’t want the slices super thin or else they’ll be too flimsy.  Line the sliced up on a greased cookie sheet and brush a slight amount of olive oil on them; just enough to get them moist and help the broiling.  Pop them under a broiler for a few minutes until the slices just begin to brown.

Take them out and top them with marinara sauce and shredded mozzarella cheese.  Then, continue topping with whatever toppings you choose.  I chopped up some mushrooms, onion, and peppers and put a small piece of each on each piece.  IMG_3168


Once your little pizzas are prepared, sprinkle a little bit of parmesan over the top.  Broil again for about 4 minutes or until cheese is browned and bubbling.


Snack on as many as you want because it’s healthy!



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  1. Pamela Fulgham-Frye says:

    I’m going to make these Ariane. You are an inspiration to eat healthy foods! These look yummy!


    1. Thanks! Let me know how they go.


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