Bobby Flay Steak, Atlantic City

From time to time every New Yorker skips down the coast to Atlantic City, New Jersey for a weekend of gambling, drinking, and fun away from the stress of the Big City.  It just so happens that my target of my passionate obsession, Bobby Flay, has a restaurant located in the Borgata there.  So it made sense for my birthday to make the voyage to the fabulous casino to taste Bobby Flay’s amazing food.  And it was definitely worth the two hour trek.

If you know me you know I’m literally obsessed with Bobby Flay.  Aside from being totally adorable, his style of cooking is ideal; it’s fun, flavorful, and completely original.  Not to mention: 1) He loves brunch, 2) He always has a cocktail handy, and 3) He’s a New Yorker.  A match made in heaven!

Before this past weekend I had only ever been to one of his restaurants, Bar Americain, in Midtown.  That meal was fabulous as well, but since Bobby Flay Steak is a steakhouse I was expecting this meal to be completely over-the-top and indulgent, which is why I chose it for my birthday dinner (sorry, Matt).  And indulgent is just the right word….

Not going to lie, this place is pricey.  Like, really pricey.  All entrees are at least $40, and if you want a steak (which you really should be getting) be prepared for $50 a plate.  Oh, and that doesn’t include sides.  Each side goes for about $12.  Also a lobster tail with your steak to make it surf and turf is an additional $40.  So when we both sat down I immediately felt guilty and tried to convince Matt that we could go somewhere else.  But of course Matt was in his gambling mentality and was like “screw it”.  And… uhh… seriously… words can’t even describe how good this meal was.  I think it’s definitely in the top three meals in my life but I couldn’t even tell you what the other two would be.

The menu consists of classic steakhouse food, but with a delicious and Bobby-ish twist.  They offer the classic steaks of course, and then specialty steaks with names like “Spicy Southwest Ribeye” and “Filet Mignon Louisiana”, and the waiter is very firm that the chef will not cook the filet mignon over medium-rare (thank god).  They also offer 3-5 lb. lobsters at $60 a pound, oysters, and other seafood.  The listing of sides made my mouth water, which included mashed potatoes, creamed spinach, onion rings, polenta, creamed corn, Brussels sprouts, baked potato, etc., but all with special add-ins like goat cheese, bacon, or truffles.    I didn’t even know where to begin!  So we ordered wine.  Delicious wine.

We also ordered the appetizer special, which was about 8 oz. of King Crab legs with a butter and dijon mustard sauce.  The crab legs were served cold and had been pre-cut to make the peeling process easier.  I have never had such huge full pieces of crab in my mouth at once!  The big chunks of meat just slipped from the shells, and were totally dunkable in that delicious sauce.  I have never had mustard with crab before, but it worked well!  The mustard was a little overpowering so I just used a little bit for each bite of crab.  But it was a fantastic start to the meal!


After debating between the Pan-Seared Halibut with clam sauce, or the Grilled Tuna Steak with a pesto and lemon-caper sauce, I chose the tuna cooked rare because I was starving and tuna is hefty!  Matt decided to get the Filet Mignon Louisiana which made me super excited.  For sides we decided on the wild mushroom mashed potatoes with truffle oil, and creamed spinach.

Guys, listen, when we bit into our first bites, it was absolute heaven.  Seriously I’ve never seen that look of pure joy on Matt’s face before.  My tuna was seared perfectly and placed on top a spread of piquillo pesto, the delicious lemon-caper sauce on the side, topped with deep fried Brussels sprout leaves, and served with a chargrilled lemon half for squeezing.  The lemon-caper sauce was creamy and slightly briny, and the pepper pesto offered a slightly sweet and earthier tone to the dish.  Slicing off a tuna bite and swirling it through both sauces, making sure to get a few capers and a Brussels sprout leaf was a gift from the gods.  The Brussels sprouts were a nice touch, as it added a crispy element to the dish.


Matt’s Filet Mignon Louisiana was the epitome of the perfect dish.  The butterflied filet was topped with a creamy béarnaise sauce, crawfish, and a whole crawfish perched on top.  Yes, of course I had a bite.  It was perfectly cooked medium-rare and just oozing with all it’s delicious juices.  The succulent crawfish in a cajun sauce mixed in with the beefy bite was well worth the price we paid for it.  And then, possibly the best part was the SIDES.  The creamed spinach and the truffle mashed potatoes combined with bites of our meal amplified the flavor twofold.  They were also both good gobbled down together.  What I really loved was that the mashed potatoes were not overwhelmed by the truffle oil.  Far too often a restaurant will use so much truffle oil that it overpowers the dish and leaves you with the aroma of stinky feet.  Bobby uses the absolute perfect amount, and used the addition of the wild mushrooms to add another mushroomy flavor to balance out the pungent truffles.  And then of course the creamed spinach was the best creamed spinach I’ve ever had.


Matt and I absolutely scarfed down our meals and were so pleasantly stuffed at the end.  I cannot imagine a better meal.  And then polishing off the bottle of wine and being able to actually take our wine glasses with us around the casino sealed the deal.  Bobby, you’ve done it again.  You get 5/5 stars!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Pamela Fulgham Frye says:

    What a wonderful birthday dinner! And I don’t think I’ve ever noticed you to give 5/5 stars! Perfect for your birthday!


  2. Pamela Fulgham Frye says:

    It looks as if you had a great birthday dinner! And I’ve never notice you give 5/5 stars before!


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