¡Vamos! Stuyvesant Town

Hola brunch lovers! It’s been a while since I’ve had the time to go for a full-on unlimited NYC brunch episode, mostly because I’ve been out of town every single weekend. But for the first time in forever we had an open day Sunday that we could do whatever we want! So we took a trip down First Avenue to the neglected Stuy Town to get our brunch on before headed to Brooklyn for the day.
We had been planning on going to Smorgasbord yesterday, which is my all-time favorite place in the entire world and seriously the best NYC foodie experience you’ll find. But rats! I forgot it’s only open Saturdays right now. But the idea was we’d eat brunch around 14th St. and then hop on the L right on over. 

Surprisingly I was having a difficult time finding a good brunch location down there. Matt said he wanted sangria, which severely limited our options. I was searching for some tapas places but then I thought better of it, because we were starving and “tapas” are a great way to spend a buttload of money for little tidbits of food. Not today, tapas. So we agreed to look for Mexican because you can never, never go wrong with Mexican. I saw on foursquare this Mexican place ¡Vamos! that we always pass in cabs when we’re headed up First Avenue to our apartment, and their brunch special was $6 for sangria or mimosas, and if you buy 5 you get your entrée free. So basically you get an entrée and 5 drinks for $30, which is a pretty good deal! 

When we got there we sat outside, which was pleasant in the sun and not too loud. There was an actual live DJ in the restaurant pumping jams! Although it was calm when I was there I’m assuming it can get pretty rowdy sometimes. We were pleased, and went ahead and ordered our drinks and guacamole. The server gave us 5 drink tickets each, I guess because it’s easier for them to just take a ticket instead of trying to remember how many drinks everyone has had. Of course immediately Matt’s tickets go soaring away in the wind and we had to ask for new ones…. (secretly we pocketed them and got 10 drinks each lol jk). The sangrias were pretty good; they were sweet and small, but they were also flavorful and they certainly did the trick.

What I liked about Vamos’ menu was that it had some pretty original Mexican breakfast dishes. Of course there were the classics like huevos rancheros and a breakfast burrito, but the other items had some unique spins to them! For instance, they had Eggs Del Rancho which had nopales in it (cactus) which I don’t see a lot in these types of places, and “Mexican Pancakes” which is served with vanilla ice cream, and roasted salmon quesadillas! It took me a while to decide because the breakfast burrito, the Eggs Del Rancho, and the salmon quesadillas, until I realized that I’ve never seen breakfast salmon quesadillas before and they had to be tried. I had to clarify with the server that the salmon wasn’t smoked, because that would be weird in a quesadilla, and he confirmed that it was just roasted. Matt got the Chicken Chipotle Burrito which he was excited about.

It was good! It was nice and hot and heaped with guacamole and a drizzle of sour cream, and topped with pickled onions. The inside was stuffed with Monterey Jack cheese, and the salmon offered an interesting seafood flavor that was mellowed out by the gobs of dairy. Smothered with guac and sour cream and this was total comfort food, and totally filling. Matt’s burrito was huge and topped with melted cheese and sauce, and served with a refreshing side of lettuce and pickled onions. He gobbled it down in literally 5 minutes.

All in all it was a terrific brunch for what we were going for. Easy, good food, laid back, and tons of booze. If I’m in the area again (not sure when I will be) I’ll definitely hit it up again. Vamos! gets 3.3/5 stars!

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