Enter to Win the Ultimate Chili Challenge!

Happy August everybody! Can you all believe summer will be ending next month?  While I’m a lover of all things summer and warm weather related, I can’t deny that lately I’ve been starting to crave that unique autumn feeling.  While I’m saddened that the weather will be getting colder soon, the things I’m so excited for are fall festivities, football, and FOOD!

Seriously though, fall is one of the best foodie seasons of ALL TIME!  All those tail gates, crock pot recipes, and pumpkin-spiced everything make me feel so festive I can barely stand it!  That’s why I’m posting about your chance to enter a competition to prove yourself as the master of the ultimate fall food: CHILI!

Below I’m posting a link to the Riunite Ultimate Chili Challenge.  Riunite is on a mission to bring the best Italian wine to the U.S., and wants your help in finding the best chili that pairs with it!  The rules are simple, you must live in a state that is participating in the contest (there’s quite a few), then you’ll enter your best chili recipe, it’s reviewed by chili experts, and if you’re selected you can compete in the regional competition to show your talent and win the right to name yourself Chili Champ!  Bragging rights are best used for tailgates, Superbowl parties, and drunken arguments at sports bars!  Oh, did I almost forget?  If you conquer your opponents at the regional competition you will also will a $1000 CASH PRIZE! That would totally cover the debt you’ll be in after all your Fantasy Football leagues.  In addition, all regional finalists will recieve (2) Upper Level End Zone tickets to a pro football game, (1) $100 pre paid visa gift card for chili ingredients and (1) $200 pre paid Visa gift card for traveling expenses. What have you got to lose?

Click on the link for more detailed entry rules and FAQs!  Good luck Chili Champs!

Click here to be taken to the Riunite Ultimate Chili Challenge page.


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