About this blog:

Some quick background on what you’ll find in this blog:

First off, I am French Canadian by heritage, and my French side of my family has some really exquisite cooks.  Therefore, many of my family recipes that I’ll be blogging have a French, gourmet spin to them.  My grandfather was actually a very well known cooking instructor and had a pretty devout following throughout his career.  I’m sure I’ll be including his recipes regularly, because they’re soo good.

But, I’m young, I’m busy, and I can’t cook gourmet meals every night.  So you’ll find a lot of tasty “whipped up” dishes and homey comfort food as well.  I certainly get in moods where I want the maximum amount of flavor with minimum amount of effort.  Which means I like cooking good old casseroles and soups that I can use as lunch the next day!!

At the same time, I love trying new and unique cuisines and flavors.  I’m open to cooking anything that sounds tasty!  I tend to try and be as plant-based as possible: although I do eat some meat I try and not have my meals revolve around it.  The majority of meals will be veggie-heavy or seafood related, and I could eat veggies and seafood every day for the rest of my life if I could.  I happen to live with a meat-eater which I have to compromise with.

I also go out to eat A LOT (thanks Matt <3), and I’m just dying to give all these wonderful NYC gems some positive reviews.  There is no place like New York for food.  Seriously, the food.  It would be unfair if I just posted all the things I cooked and not give you the opportunity to see the tasty morsels of delight that I get to eat on a regular basis.

So basically you’re going to be getting a little bit of everything here.  Enjoy 🙂

Oh P.S…. the name.  You may be wondering why I’m Crush’n It.  Well, long story, but my French Canadian maiden name is hard to pronounce for “normal” people.  When people try, it sounds like “cresh-in” (it hurts my ears), but people have then turned that into “crushin”.  So there you have it.  I’m crush’n it foodie.  (Thanks again, Matt.)

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