Shiso Miso Salmon Poke

This modern and non-traditional take on one of my favorite meals, poke, was just what we needed for a refreshing and healthy home-cooked meal.

Japanese Braised Salmon

This easy recipe has tons of complex Asian flavors, is low-carb, and totally satisfying.

Blackened Salmon Salad with Honey Mustard Vinaigrette

I think I’m going to start my own tradition of making a big salad for dinner on Mondays.  Nothing takes away your weekend guilt like a big healthy salad choc-full of nutrition.  The problem is, usually I hate salads for dinner.  I know, I’m the worst pescetarian ever.  But usually they’re just so boring!!  Too…

Easy, Healthy Asian Salmon!

This recipe is absolutely perfect for those weeknights that you want to whip up something easy, delicious, and healthy!  Those three descriptions do not have to be mutually exclusive!  Seriously this Asian Salmon is so flavorful, literally every person you feed it to will demand it on a regular basis. The sauce is made up…

Herbed Salmon Burgers With Herbed Tartar Sauce

This recipe is perfect for a quick and easy meal when you don’t feel like cooking anything too extreme.  It’s herb-y flavors are nice and refreshing but at the same time it gives you the satisfaction of biting into a big, meaty burger (sans beef).  I whipped this up when recovering from the weekend and…